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Thursday, January 13, 2011

little MANnerisms

Time to ring in the new year with the first little MANerism of 2011.

Mini-McGee, Little Man and I are sitting outside of an In-And-Out Burger waiting for our order.  Little Man notices there are two walk up windows and says...loudly...Mom, that line is for the white people
and that one is for the black people!

(uh.  is it wrong to want to smack your kid?  did I mention there are plenty of people within ear shot?  and he's not quiet.  mortifying.)

"Dude.  What are you talking about?"

Little Man:
"There used to be two lines."

(LIGHTBULB) "Are you learning about Martin Luther King Jr in school?"

(Note:  I said it loud enough for the guy three blocks away to hear all the while praying that his answer would be yes so I could get the lady next to me to stop looking at me like I was a crazy racist.)

Little Man:
"YUP!  They used to have two lines and it wasn't nice or fair so on January 17th we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. day and we fight with our words, not with our fists because with our fists would hurt someone."

Ahhhhhhhhhh...gotta love the thought process of a First Grader.


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