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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

fortune cookie.

Went to lunch with the boss at PF Changs.
(Hey.  I'm in the auto industry.  There HAS to be an occassional perk.)

Fortune cookie says:
"Success will come through in your plan."

Oh Crap.

I need a plan.

I know, I know..."to hell with the plan" is what I said last week.
But let's face it, I have a vajay-jay, I change my mind often.

The thing is, I'm frustrated beyond belief at working a jobby job that is wholly unfullfilling while watching people I adore work in jobs that are part of their passion and are completely awesome and amazing.  I know I need to remember to be grateful for a job at this point in the economy but then I feel like my Grandmother for saying so. 

But what now?  How do I really make a worthwhile change?
Or should I adjust my expectations and deal with it?

Mostly, I'm sharing this to scream from the rooftops that I don't have it all figured out.  I don't know everything.  Sure.  I can solve YOUR problems but mine take a little more finesse-mostly because I tend to get in my own way! 

I really want to write a book.  (Ok.  Two actually.)
I would love to go back to speaking.
And really-why didn't I become a teacher?

I said it outloud.

Now you know.
And I think I need to make a plan.

Fortune cookie says so.


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Lesley Miller said...

This is a wonderfully honest post. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to make a plan too!