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Friday, October 8, 2010

plan b.

Remember “to hell with the plans?”

I do.
And I’m taking it to heart!

By the time you’re reading this I will likely be Mrs. Mr. Man!

You see…

We’ve planned a big wedding, bought the big dress and life happened.
And it was stressful.
And expensive.
And we weren’t having any fun.

So we ditched the plan, or rather put it to bed for awhile.
Inspired by our most recent trip to Vegas, we changed the plan.

Court house chapel.
Clothes we like to wear.

We’re doing it our way.

We have a great party planned another night with our nearest and dearest where we will celebrate our new family with our children at our sides dressed to the nines where we will dance and play into the evening!

But tonight?
Tonight is just about us.
In love.

To hell with the plans.

This works better.
This is more fun.

This is who we are!


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Sarah Jaggard said...

love it. you inspire me.