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Monday, October 25, 2010

amy ellen morgan rocks.

There's this girl.
She's my best friend.
And she is fiercely amazing.

And it's her birthday!
So, here are the top ten reasons

10.  She has crazy beautiful jet black hair
AND she knows how to work it.

9.  She is freaking adoreable.  For real.

8.  She makes an insanely cute baby-love to little Jackson!
And she is an incredibly loving and sweet mommy.

7.  She is a superb listener.

6.  But when she listens and I'm being an idiot-
she loves me enough to tell me so.

5.  She drove 908 miles round trip with her 6 month old and her hubby just to be there for my wedding reception.  At a bowling ally.  And she didn't complain once!  (At least not to me.)

4.  She has a good picker-her hubby Josh is a keeper!

3.  She has the most friendly eyes and contageous smile and laugh.
They are enough to brighten even the most painfully frustrating day.

2.  She has rad music taste and likes to get down...
even if she's wearing a wedding gown. 
(I think she gets it from her momma!)

And the NUMBER ONE reason I love Amy...

 Amy is the best example I know of being a true friend.  She is herself and that allows me to be totally comfortable in being myself in her presence.  She honors who I am by honoring who she is.  She is loyal almost to a fault and loves wholeheartedly even when it hurts.  She is the first example I have experienced first hand of what a true, honest, nurturing friendship between two women can be and for that I am eternally blessed and grateful!

Amy Ellen Morgan...
You ARE the bomb.  Girl.


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