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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday morning rant...


It’s been so long!
Not sure where to start.
But I know I’m happier when I’m writing!

So I’ll just treat you like Facebook today
And just tell you what’s on my mind…

Is it Monday? Feels painfully like Monday.
What is up with the LA weather this year?
Note to self: bills to pay today.
What a weekend-I am wiped out.
Need to plan a quick trip to Vegas.
It’s almost Fall.
Which means it’s almost Christmas!
Wow-so it’s almost 2011 too.
It’s been a great year.
I still have big plans to make in 2010.
I need to work out.
Time to get busy.

Where’s my Red Bull?
I need some wings.

Mmmmmmm…or some Big Wangs Terriyaki Wings!

God bless the man in my life that can keep up with this mind.


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