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Sunday, September 5, 2010

little MANnerisms

Nothing like a little MANerism to bring me back.

I should preface this by confessing to you all that Mr. Man is THE cook in the house.  I can bake up a storm for sure but when it comes to dinner let's just say the kids are all disappointed when Mr. Man travels for work because they know mom is in charge of dinner.


I'm making up some dips we bought at the county fair and the kids are ALL over me.  I wanna try, I want a taste, it's my turn, when is it ready...I snap and say "Enough, everyone out of my kitchen!"

And with total innocent and laking any malice my little man says...
"I thought this was DAD's kitchen."

While the teenagers took a BIG step back and out of the crossfires.

Ahhhhhhh...I love my little man.
Good thing he's cute.


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