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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Soapy D Grows Up

It's birthday time again!

Today Soapy D turns 4. 
It's hard to believe-time sure flies!

Soapy D (her ganster name) is by far the Princess of the house, almost by default.  She doesn't walk into a room without someone paying attention to her, she's quite sure that's how the world works.  She has the most honest giggle in the entire house and has a never ending series of big sisters and brother trying to make her laugh.

Although-it's best when she just cracks herself up.
Which she does.

It's so fun to watch her grow from a little toddler to a precocious, daring, brave, fun, entertaining, opinionated, giggly little girl who loves being the little sister of the house.

Without her, our family would not be the same!

Who doesn't love a little girl in pigtails?

Happy Birthday Soapy D!


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