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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

pay it forward day

Remember that concept...
From the movie...
With the cute kid?

The idea is to pay it forward-do something for three individuals with no expectation of anything in return except that they do the same for three other people.

It's pretty simple but has the power to change how we live.

Some random dude on Facebook has decided that December 1st, 2010 is his second annual Pay it Forward day and invited some friends to join along.  My first thought was to ignore it.  Then I looked at the response.  Currently, over 392,000 people have pledged to just so one thing nice tomorrow for someone else.  Even if a fraction actually remember and DO something-that's HUGE!

So I'm in.
And I hope you will be too.

If you do something kind for someone else there is a good chance they will do the same-and if not-you've at least done something kind for the day.  It doesn't have to be big and it doesn't have to be public-no one even has to know!

Buy someone's coffee.
Pay a bridge toll for the car behind you.
Donate something useful.

Can't wait to be creative and look for good deeds to do tomorrow!
Hope you'll join in...

What better way to start the month of December!



Anonymous said...

I like it! I'll look for my opportunity today.

On the topic of starting December off right...

My doctor (who is the best doctor.) recommended that I write a gratitude list on the first of December. On each day leading to New Years, add 5 more things to the list. He said it changed his whole attitude and outlook around the holidays. I think I'm going to do it :-)

McGee said...

I love that idea! I'm so taking that and running with it. Thanks for sharing!