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Thursday, December 6, 2012

hardest work.

It's after 11:00 on a Thursday night.
I've worked half a day,
Took care of a feverish baby,
Cheered on two of our girls on the basketball court,
Helped Little Man with his math,
Placed Oodle, our Elf on a Shelf, in a new spot
And was hanging up laundry thinking about being a mom.

Turns out two Varsity athletes in the same sport makes for a lot of jerseys hanging to dry in your hallway late at night during a tournament week.

It's a lot of work being a mom.
And being a good one is hard.
The physical work is plentiful,
But the emotional work is intense.

I really didn't know what I was getting into.
I'm not sure anyone could have prepared me.

I had no idea how much my mom, yes, even my full time working outside of the house mom, did for us to make sure we had what we needed and often what we wanted.  I had no idea my heart would walk around outside my body on a daily basis.  I didn't know how tiring it would be nor did I really comprehend how amazing it would feel to be someones mommy, let alone have six call me mom.  I didn't understand how special it would feel to have a newborn look at me the way Bean does or to be the mom cheering on the sidelines at their sporting events.

It really is the hardest non-paying, often overlooked and under-appreciated work I've ever done but it is by far the one that yields the biggest payoff.  I am one blessed mommy.


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