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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

only in L.A.

Last night I was reminded that I live in the coolest place I have ever lived. In just 30 quick minutes I went from being in our cozy home in suburbia to being in the middle of downtown in high heels, ripped jeans, pig tails and a great big grin.

You see…
I was at the Wiltern…
About to see Tenacious D “and Friends”…
For the first time.

So obviously I’m excited. Excited also because of my wicked cool outfit-so not a mom outfit-my ripped boyfriend jeans cuffed so you can enjoy my uber high heeled gladiator sandals. Not to mention pigtails complimented by a poof that would make Snookie proud and a headband with a big fat black sequined flower.

I was so doing it!
But I digress.

So we’re in the pit. (Have I mentioned that Mr. Man is a concert ticket extraordinaire? He always gets the most amazing tickets-thanks baby!) And I’m looking around and I see the first one.

“Baby-that guy behind you-who is he? He’s famous!”
“You’re silly-always looking for famous people.”
“No-I swear he is someone. I’m going to ask him who he is.”

And then this famous guy
Whom I can’t recall why he’s famous
But he looks an awful lot like Tom Sizemore, only clean.
Leans over to Mr. Man and quietly says
“Hey man-are you from Monrovia?”

It’s our Blockbuster guy.
Who I now know as Bob.
Oh well. I tried.

And then the show of the year kicks off. Tenacious D (Jack Black and Kyle Gass) hosted a fundraiser for Haiti with their friends. Little did I know that their “friends” would be the likes of Will Ferrell and Maya Rudolph. Frank Black from the Pixies performed as well as James Mercer of The Shins and Aimee Mann. Amazing music! Complemented by a few comedians, Ben Stiller and Russell Brand and Jason Segal singing songs from their movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”

Did I say AMAZING?

Tenacious D rounded out the night with an hour of their goods. Four hours of incredible talent, music and humor. And I was only one person away from the stage!

There was one more thing. I was staring at this other guy in the audience that I swear I went to school with. I just couldn’t place him. But surely he wasn’t famous-I already made that mistake.

But wait.
Could it be?
Yup-sure was.
It was Jeremy Miller, better known as…
Drumroll please…

Ben Seaver from Growing Pains.

Oh. And I bumped into Rumor Willis on the way out.
And did I mention?
I got a stagehand to give me Jack Black’s set list.

It was a pretty ridiculous night.
I had to remind myself it was only a Tuesday.

So Blockbuster dude aside…
I live in the coolest place. Maybe ever.