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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

lessons learned in laughlin

After a stressful month and an uber long week,
Mr. Man and I decided that we needed a change of pace.

We landed in Laughlin, NV.
We aim high.

I know.
Don’t be jealous.

But after our three day getaway I wanted to share my top 10 lessons learned…

10. Bowling is so much fun. Not so much fun the next morning when our 30 something bodies couldn’t really move.

9. Baby ferrets are adoreable. No really. ADOREABLE!

8. Movie love is something different than real love. Movies like “Valentines Day” are cute and fluffy but love in the real world is much more difficult and dangerous while highly rewarding and wonderful!

7. Always be willing to try something new. Mr. Man convinced me to try a card game and after dragging my feet I jumped in…and had a blast!

6. When attempting that something new…particularly at a casino…might be a good idea to be able to identify a Royal Flush.

5. Everyone has a story. Sometimes, if we’re just willing to chat with the people around us, we find that their stories are just as interesting as ours. And certainly as important!

4. It’s not always about the destination (Laughlin, NV case in point).  It’s often just about getting the heck outta dodge!

3. When getting ready for a big night out…no matter how hot the room is…NEVER…EVER…curl your hair without a top on...but if you do...DON'T drop your curling iron!   I have an inch long 6 inch long burn peeling on my bubbie that will attest to this lesson.

2. It’s good to just let your hair down!

And last but not least…
The number one thing I learned in Laughlin…

When life gets you down and you can’t see straight perhaps the best thing you can do is just go play. Smiles and laughter with a little bit of love can go a long way!

Thanks for the trip Mr. Man…you’re the best!


1 comment:

Lauren said...

to add to #3 - i need to sit down, otherwise i pass out! but #1 is sooo true!
gotta love to love you babe!