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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jumping in!

I've always wanted to write. 
And speak. 
To lots of people. 
Those who know me know I speak plenty...but I want to be heard. 

I tried a few times but only in safe venues where I knew in my heart I would succeed.  Church, Tupperware corporate training, Women's Groups...not a wide range mind you and always on topics I knew I could kill. 

But I was hanging with my girl Jen and realized we talk about everything and everything effects us.  Her everything bumps into mine just enough to slightly rearrange it and it never goes back to the same.  And mine to hers.  Hey-wait a minute-I have things to say!  And I have experience to share.  And hope?  Well often, but sometimes I need your hope. 

So here goes nothing. 
I have a life, it's a crazy one, it's entertaining some days, boring others. 
I have a story, it's not even begun to hit the peak. 
I have a family...it's complicated! 
You'll hear about it all in a random sort of way. 

Those of you along for the ride...thanks for taking it along side me! 
(My favorite nickname from my favorite human being)

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