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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Above Foothill.

We always had plans to live above Foothill Avenue.
That was the goal.
Of course...we thought it would be in Monrovia!

But life happens, changes are made, surprises are thrown your way and you do what you can to make a new plan. That's what life is, right? A series of plans made, surprises or bumps, and then an adjustment to a new plan. I can wholeheartedly tell you when I first moved to LA eight and a half years ago I would never have ever considered living in the 909. And now, for far more reasons than I can list life has guided us right square into Rancho Cucamonga.

I know, right?
It's a real city, true story.
Trust me. Autocorrect LOVES this town.

So here we are. And at this point all I can say is just yup. This is my town. These are my kind of peeps. This is where we will stay to raise our kids and I couldn't be more settled than to be here. This makes all kinds of sense that I never saw coming.

Hanging on our front porch and checking out our view I can't help but have a great appreciation for where we are and where we started and everything in between.

We are now, officially and happily, waaaaaay above Foothill!


P.S. Look for exciting news on the blog this week-big big LuLa changes coming!!

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