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Saturday, October 20, 2012

little MANnerisms

Little Man and I were driving past the local cemetery.
He was asking me loads of questions...

Will Bean have to be buried here since she was born here?
Do we know anyone buried here?
How are people buried?

Then he busts out with this gem...

Little Man:  Mom, when I die I don't want to be buried.
Me:     What do you want to have happen instead?
Little Man:  I want to be a prop.
Me:     A prop?  Like for a movie?
Little Man:  No.  Like for a Halloween decoration at the house.

(I'm dying at this point)

Me:    What would we do with you when it's not Halloween?
Little Man:  Just put me in the attic, or the basement.  I just think my body would be lonely if you buried it in the cemetery.

Seriously.  A prop?
I love this kid.


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