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Monday, July 2, 2012


Saw this on Mormon Child Bride...

I had the same reaction she did.

Only I'm a mom of boys as well as girls
And here's what...

I'm so tired of girls being responsible for boys reactions.
I've grown disgusted with the concept that girls are taught in the religion I grew up in that they need to be modest for the boys sake, so the boys don't think bad thoughts.

I absolutely abhor the object lessons that regenerate every few years like licking a lollypop and then asking everyone if they want it after you.  Only to tell these young women that if they make a mistake with regards to morality they are nothing more than a lollypop that's already been around the block and no one else will want them.  Or a cupcake that's had the frosting licked off.

It makes me sick.

How about this?
How about we focus on respect for ourselves.
Why aren't we teaching young girls to respect their bodies.
For THEIR sake.
To dress in a way that makes them feel beautiful.
And comfortable.
So that they feel great about their bodies.

How about it's ok, we all make mistakes.
You're worthy of great love even if you aren't perfect.
Your worth doesn't hang on one less than stellar choice.

Where are the lessons for the young men of the world being told to get their minds out of their gutters and treat the girls around them with respect?  When do they get held to the fire and made responsible for their actions?  Or will we always blame the girl in a short skirt standing on a corner for the misdeeds done to her late at night?


so gross to me.

and to sign it from "Real Men"

Good.  God.

If this is what we really lean on to teach our girls self respect and dignity than shame on us.

Pregnant Rant Over.



Stephanie said...

Great post. Keep up the good work. (Thank you for your comment as well.)

Natasha said...

Sooooo, you don't know me. I landed on your blog while doing a little late night insomnia induced blog-stalking. :-) I just couldn't move on without leaving a joyous HALLELUJAH AMEN!! Seriously great post!

McGee said...

@Stephanie-thanks for starting the conversation that has been long overdue in my mind.

@Natasha-I love late night blog-stalking-welcome! And I'll totally take that joyous Hallelujah Amen!