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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Where did it go?

So that just happened.

Where did the time go?

In 2011 I...

Quit a job I hated.
Started a new job that I love.
Flew back and forth to NYC 6 times.
Took our kids on an 8 day road trip.
Camped with 100+ of our closest relatives.
And survived.

My appendix ruptured and I found out 3-4 weeks later.
Spent a week in the hospital.
And survived.
(I'm like Wonder Woman with that one, I know!)

Went to countless basketball and softball games.
Coached four basketball teams.
Made a few new friends.
Tweeted more.

Stood on the top of the Empire State Building.
Wake boarded on a lake in Fresno.
Sat at Ground Zero.
Had great conversations under the stars by a campfire.

Learned a few things.
Forgot lots of things.

It was a busy year!  It's the only year where we have a child at every school level-college, high school, middle school, elementary school and pre-school.  Oh yes-bought a mini-van-add that to the list.  Consumed more gas than God-that's just what we do.

At the end of year I realized there's a little thing called balance that would do a girl wonders.  It seems like I juggled a lot but I felt off kilter much of the year.  Work was new and consuming and family time was accomplished out of necessity or hospital down time.  2011's word of the year is for sure...BALANCE! 

So here's to balancing more writing with work and play.


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