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Thursday, March 31, 2011

random curiosity

Blogging is a curious thing.
Anyone, anywhere can read what I write.
It's SO cool for those of us who have CRAZY big egos!

My little blog has been plugging away since Fall of 2009, I learned how to track my handful of readers (thanks mom, sisters and bestie for being early readers) and it was cute to see how a couple people read me a couple times...then one lovely day in February of 2011, Legendary Film Maker Kevin Smith (want to make sure he feels special)  tweeted about my blog and BAM-980 readers in one day!  Life at justmcgee.com has never been the same since.

What's really cool is that 2219 of you have made it to my site.
And you come from...are you ready for this...
52 countries and at least one reader in every one of the United States.

It's a trip!

So I'm just curious...
Who the heck ARE you?
Tell me where you're reading from and something random about yourself.

Don't be shy.
I know you're reading!
From Rancho Cucamonga, CA to Bangor, Maine.
And 51 other countries from Canada to New Zealand.
(No silly.  Go east all the way around.)
Introduce yourselves!!!

I'll start.
Random fact about me...
My dimple is really a scar, a scar that started a multi-million dollar company.  It's a hell of a story for another day!

Your turn!



c_girl said...

I am in Washington DC. Every fact about me is completely random, but today I am wearing men's deodorant and it is totally distracting. Also makes me kind of want myself.

Anonymous said...

I'm in Washington DC as well. I'm a sister, an aunt, a daughter, and one of the only family members not mentioned in your blog! Jealous! Keep it up. Love you, your mind, and your blog.
Love, Bo

McGee said...

@C_girl..I like you slightly more now than I did before. Must be the deodorant working it's magic out here.

@Bo...I feel a bookend blog coming on. Can't believe I've never talked about you...you're asking for it now!