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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Why is it so hard?

I’m not talking about putting down the chocolate.
Or loving your enemies.
Or even finding the motivation to work out.

Why is it so hard to say I’m sorry?
It’s never fun.
It’s rarely something we look forward to doing.

In fact…the minute something flies out of my mouth that I know shouldn’t have I instantly start dreading the apology I owe.

After having made a disaster of a week with Mr. Man and anyone else in my path I was having lunch with my girl Jen and explaining that I wasn’t even sure who was being more of an ass-myself or my loved ones.

She said something that will probably stick with me forever.
She told me this thing that changed the way I think about apologies.

Saying sorry doesn’t take anything away from who you are.
You never lose by saying I’m sorry.

So I did.
Don’t be too proud of me…
I started with an easy one.

Remember my toxic friend? The one I had to say my two cents to and then walk away gracefully? (see here) Well…here’s the thing…during our friendship she had constantly berated this other mutual person…and I totally bought into the hype and the gossip and as a result treated that person in a way I’m not proud of.

So I apologized.
And she was like…ok-thanks-I understand now-let’s move on.
It was awesome!

Now on to the harder ones…sigh.


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