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Sunday, December 6, 2009


I love my iPhone.
I really don’t think I could live without it.
It gives me access to whatever I need!

But sometimes it doesn’t work right.
Sometimes it runs slowly.
Sometimes is freezes…it gets stuck in a rut.
But it’s just an iPhone, a mini-computer, so I just reboot.
And we’re back in business!

Sometimes I find that I am not operating properly. I’m working slowly, stuck in a rut, not quite functioning at 100%. Often when I feel this way, it’s because I have lots on my plate, not enough time and too much stress!

So as a human being, a woman and a mom what do I do?

I push.
I work harder.
I get frustrated.
I get irritated.
And dare I say I get unkind and martyr-y?
(Which, by the way, my family does not appreciate!)

I think maybe I’m doing it wrong.
I think I need to just reboot.

Ever notice how things can be just fine, life is good, we’re all heading in the right direction and WHAM-you’re watching Real Housewives of Atlanta and Kim sings “Tardy For The Party” for the first time and you start shedding tears, just so touched in the moment? That’s my sign that I need a good cry! It’s an emotional release, I usually feel a million times better and it’s not personal-which I have tried to explain to Mr. Man who looks at me like I’ve grown a third eye and wonders what on earth he did to make me cry like that. It’s just a means of rebooting baby!

So then today...I almost jumped all over just about everyone who lives in this house while handling stockings, glue and glitter. Which, thankfully, gave me pause. (Rule of thumb…if three or more people tell you that you’re nuts, are mad at you at any one time or look at you like your horns just came out…it’s you. Not them.) There’s much to enjoy during the holidays and I need to stay capable of enjoying them all!

So as we get more and more into the holiday season…
Turn it all off.
Take a deep breath.
Have a good cry.
Take a quiet walk.

Do what it takes to reboot that system and fire on all cylinders.
We will function better, be more fun and enjoy life more!