Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hot Off The Presses-EXCITING NEWS!

You guys, you guys, YOU GUYS!

I have news.
Super exciting news.
News I have been DYING to share.

I’ve started an in home and online clothing boutique with LuLaRoe! 
LuLaWhaat? LuLaROE!

LuLaRoe is the most comfortable, flattering, well made and adorable clothing I’ve owned in years and we carry womens' sizes xs-xxxl. And you guys…we have children, teen and men lines as well!

I’m still about a week or two out from my initial inventory arriving but I wanted to get the good word out. If you want to see more come check out my VIP Shopping Group on Facebook-just CLICK on the photo and JOIN!

I’ve had a lot of funny looks, a lot of WHY questions-
(And not just from my three year old-although she is the queen of Why)
So I wanted to share real quick why the heck I’m doing this…

Originally it sounded like a fun way to add a little side income to play with and I would get first access to AMAZING clothing. I thought it would be fun!

But then within the space of about 40 days the following occurred:

My dad passed away
I signed my contract with LuLaRoe
Our landlord gave us notice that she was moving back in to our house 
I turned 40
We went to Paris all expenses paid by Mr. Man’s work
Our second daughter Little Miss committed to UC Santa Barbara
My job of the past four years had run out of projects and I was more or less laid off
We relocated to an entirely new town 25 miles away

So that’s a lot.
And not all bad-I mean-Paris? Really? Dream come true.
But it was a lot.

So now when I think about WHY I am starting my LuLaRoe business it’s more than just to have fun. It’s to help support my family now that I'm officially not working outside the home. It’s to help support my now TWO daughters in college of whom I am terribly proud of but are financing themselves through school. It's so that I can spend the day at the beach with my kids each week and work around my own schedule. It’s to be able to share this amazing clothing with women all around me so that they can experience the joy I have found in wearing great, flattering and fun clothing. And it’s to find my community right where I am at.

It’s just the beginning but I am so very excited to be on this new road with a new plan and adjusting to life’s curves as we go!

Come join the fun-you can always find the boutique by clicking the LuLaRoe logo on the top right side of my home page. EXCITING THINGS TO COME!


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